about us

our 3 main character suits: Chengdu (MoonFox), Tagaro, Patchpup (MoonFox)

Heyas, we are the guys behind 'sewing-critters'.

We are MoonFox and Tagaro. Fursuiters for years and in building fursuits for more than 15 years now.

It all started with MoonFox really wanting a fursuit after seeing a first picture. Due to shortage of money he
started to build his first suit. But once started he couldn't stop to bring more and more furry critters to life.

Tagaro entered MoonFoxs life about 10 years before now. And in time he started to help building fursuits
too. By now he's really important in the stuff he's doing too.

But not every suit stayed with us. Some critters went to the UK, some others to the US. Now lots of critters
from us run around and that's just great :) We hope to bring even more cute critters to life for you all.

During working on suits a special idea started. How about having more than a 'normal fursuit'? MoonFox
had the dream of beeing more than his beloved plushies. So we played with the idea and developed the
first plush suits. By now we even have a new version of the plush suit. We always do our best to improve.
We never give up to work on new ideas and even love to hear what our friends and customers want.

What should we say more... we're typical German *g* we do stuff extra correct, every single seam is
durable and every solution tested so we're sure to make you happy. Ask one of those happy guys that
decided to get a suit from us already ;)

lots of greetings

MoonFox and Tagaro