Quality Plushsuits and Fursuits from Germany

Details on our Plushsuits:

For all our plushsuits we only use quality fur and other materials. From foam to thread, we take care to only use good brands.

If you ask us why we do that, we want you to have lots of fun for a long time with your suit.

Our plushsuits have something special. We use a special inner-suit (padding suit).

This has a lot of reasons, one of them is that you can wash the plush really easy. Just take the inner suit out and wash it separately.

This padding suit can be built in different thicknesses, what ever the customer wishes to have. 

The outside of the padding suit we use a soft fleece fabric and on the inside we use soft and snuggly materials 

- always adapted to the wish of the customer (for material and colors).

If you ask our customers, they all love this inner suit as it gives a nice feeling of being a plushie and is really comfy to wear.

Usually the handpaws are directly sewn to the body. Head and feet paws have zippers to connect them to the bodysuit.

You can be sure to be safe and secure in the plush once every zipper is closed. 

For the point of "continues improvement" we are working on the possibility to additionally stuff belly and legs to make the plush look even more cute and soft. Stay tuned for more details (on our twitter and instagram).

Here we have a few detailed pics of our plushsuits. All our finished plushies can be found in our gallery: Plushsuits


padding suit

the padding suit

lining of the padding suit

lining of the padding suit

plushie and his handsaws

a cute plushie with his handpaws

soft plush feetpaws

soft feetpaws