Quality Plushsuits and Fursuits from Germany

Details on our Fursuits:

Same as for our plushsuits, we only use quality material for all our creations.
We want you to be sure that you to have fun for a long time with your new fursuit.


For the feetpaws you can choose from: 

 - sockpaws

- normal paws with fur soles
- normal paws with "street soles" 
and you can order matching sandals for your paws to keep them nice and clean


For the handpaws we offer you those versions:

- 4-finger paws
- 5-finger paws
- paws with soft pawpads
- paws without pawpads
- paws with sewn in pawpads (in fur)
- paws with stuffed soft pawpads

Please notice, that currently we only offer plantigrade suits.

We are working on more options, please check our twitter / instagram for all news on that.

There are a lot more options we did so far but that's too much to list here.

We are happy to discuss ideas with you by email, just contact us.

paws with sewn in fur-pads

paws with sewn in fur pads

paws with soft pads

paws with soft pawpads

paws with stuffed soft pads

paws with stuffed soft pawpads

Please check our gallery for all suits we did so far: Fursuits