Quality Plushsuits and Fursuits from Germany


When do we open for commissions?

  • Currently we are closed for new commissions.

How can I order?

  • Just send us an E-Mail at

Where I can find your prices?

  • You will get a price from us when we received your mail with all the information we need.
  • We need from you what you want (Plushsuit or Fursuit) and a reference sheet.

World wide shipping?

  • Yes we will ship worldwide

Do you need an duct tape dummy or measurements?

  • For our standard fursuits and plushsuits we only work with measurements and don´t need an DTD. This might change for further ideas but we will inform you on that before you finally place your order.

How to get on the queue and how to pay?

  • To get you on the queue list a 50% down deposit is required (non-refundable, goes towards the total)
  • Payment plans are NOT available
  • Once the commission is complete and if full payment is NOT made we will continue to hold the commission up to three (3) months
  • After this 3 months the commission will be sold
  • We´re accepting PayPal at the moment for the payments